Book review on Arms and the man by George Bernard Shaw

Arms and the man

George Bernard Shaw


George bernard shaw was written this book .this book was published april 21 ,1894 .this book was actually historical romantic with comedy .this book like to read 20-60 age people.plot of this book is 1885,serbo-bulgarian.


 Actually I think that book is so interesting because in this book , view  of love and war is the main think with  comedic .  Bluntschli is a Swiss solider who fall in love with Raina but she is already angst with Sergius. But sergius love louka. At last the comedy of the story turn into tragedy and story builds as we wonder how this love triangle will unravel. i think no one can know what hepped at last without finishing the story.


 The story begins in Riana’s room. Her mother, Catherine goes to tell her the good news that her fiancé, sergius. Soon their conversation gets interrupted by louka and she told that some fogies run thought the town. As the raina goes to the bed, she hears the sound of shots outside.  Suddenly a man enters her room and threats her. She saw a middle-aged man Covered with mud Blood and snow. The man tells her that he had run from her enime then Raina feels very for the slider, so she gives him a shelter in her room till he can run. At the end, she brings her mother. Raina called the solider as chocolate cream solider. Coming back from war Major Petkoff starts to talk about a Swiss solider both Catherina and raina get shocked. Catherine fined the chocolate cream solider coming to bring back Riana’s jacket .Petkaff and sergius go out seeing that man and welcome him as they know he is a Swiss solider.Louka tells about that night then Sergius get surprised and he makes love for louka and promises to marry her. Bluntschili also talks about his feels the same towards him and they intend to marry but the parents refuse as they thought that captain bluntschili is poor, but they find out he is the emperor of Switzerland.

 George Bernard Shaw was born in Dublin on 1855. About the purpose of writing this book, George Bernard Shaw told “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” This book has received many awards.

      This book is so interesting. The tragede of the story is full of comedy. Bernard Shaw prove that a romantic story can express with comedy. I  wonder how this love triangle will unravel.


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